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Oneness and Wellness Events was founded in 2014 by Katherine Cabarcas, Personal Certified Life Coach and  Spiritual Healing Facilitator.
Born and raised in Colombia, South America, Kathy arrived in Providence, Rhode Island, at seventeen, wanting to become a medical doctor. However, soon after starting college, she ventured independently and became an entrepreneur.
After spending several years living on the US  Virgin Island enjoying the Caribbean life, she moved to Austin, TX, in 2010 after experiencing a profound awakening.  In 2011, her life coaching practice opened its doors, and two years later, the arts of spiritual healing work were incorporated. 
She coaches, guides, and supports people seeking to experience true inner happiness and mind, body, and soul integration. She teaches chakra healing, recognition of distorted behaviors and emotions, and stillness cultivation with the aim of Self-Realization.

Kathy is a delighted mother of a 10-year-old boy.  They like outdoor activities, playing with Legos and Super Mario Bros. She is fluent in Spanish and English.  She has training in Ayurveda, "Indian Holistic Medicine," and is woking in her communications degree.
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