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Upcoming Meditations Saturday, August 15th, 2020 
Bliss of Self 2-3 pm & Etheric Body Healing 4-5 pm 
at Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center
Bliss of Self Meditation 8.15.20D.jpg
Etheric body  healing meditation 8.15.20
Due to limited seats Please call in (512)940-9277 or emails us to register, this is to keep us safe!
An Interview Keith 
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Mr. Sherwood is the author of nine books that have appeared in more than 24 languages. For more than thirty years, he has worked with people who’ve made self-realization their number one priority. His unique ability to experience energy fields and release blockages have helped the people he works with to overcome the limits of karma and culture, and to experience intimacy with Universal Consciousness.


In this workshop, Keith will address issues that affect us negatively at the personal level and with family. He will teach participants how to recognize and release karmic blockages from their energy field.


He will also teach simple and practical techniques to overcome karmic wounds, and how to enhance the flow of prana through the human energy field, including chakra field meditation which will center participants in the life-giving energy emerging from the chakras, and much more!


Single Day Ticket $150

This seminar is canceled due to Covid-19

Register for the Free Intro and/or Workshop at 


Contact organizer Kathy Cabarcas at

512-940-9277 for any question.



Suggested Readings

2020 Austin Workshop

Keith Sherwood

Spiritual Self Defense

Saturday and Friday, March 14th -15th

Casa De Luz (Integrity Room)

1701 Toomey Road, Austin, Texas 78704

10am -5pm both days



Remember To Attend Our FREE INTROS

 In Austin, TX 

Friday, March 13th, 7:30 -8:30

Casa De Luz Integrity Room.

In San Antonio, TX

Friday, March 13th, 1 -2 pm

At Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center

7067 San Pedro Ave.

Casa de luz.JPG

Workshop Canceled Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

Third Eye Chakra Class SA(2).png

Third Eye Chakra Class

Saturday, Feb. 29th San Antonio, TX

Unlimited Thought Life Enrichment Center

7067 San Pedro Ave, San Antonio, TX 78216

4 pm - 5 pm

Class facilitator: Kathy Cabarcas
Click here to visit Facebook Page
Third Eye Chakra Cultivation Class (4).p

Third Eye Chakra Class

Sunday, Feb. 16th Austin, TX

Casa De Luz at Integrity Room

1701 Toomey Rd, Austin, TX 78704

12 pm - 1 pm

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